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The Star and Crescent Part II course will Begin in May:


Seven Classes on the Foundations of Two Great Religions

Mondays at 7PM

Monday, May 3rd: Jerusalem under Islam: The Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary.

Monday, May 10th: Muslim and Jewish Centers of the East and West: Baghdad, Kairouan, and Cordoba

Monday, May 24th: The “Golden Age” of Spain and the Myth of la Convivencia: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Courtier Class in Muslim Spain

Monday, June 7th: Andalusian Parties and Poetry: The Lifestyle of the Jewish Rich and Famous

Monday, June 14th: Jewish Thinkers of Muslim Spain: Judah ha-Levi and Moses Maimonides on The Purpose of Judaism and the Quest for Prophecy

Monday, June 21st: Egyptian Jewry and the Rise of the Maimonidean Dynasty: Leadership and Vision for Family and Community in a Hostile Environment

Monday, June 28th: Abraham and Obadiah Maimonides: The Rise of Sufi Jewish Mysticism and its Revival and Role in Muslim-Jewish relations in Israel Today

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Ongoing Events

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Monday and Thursday Minyan Times  are now a mix -- Monday is virtual at  8:15AM!  Thursday is LIVE and in person at 7:45am!
**We end a little before 9AM.  Grab some coffee and join the Minyan!
The Zoom links will remain the same but now you can get a few more zzzz's...

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For Zoom and other link information for the following, please click on the event.

Wednesday - Talmud Class 10:30am

Chair Supported Yoga Classes - Wednesdays at 1PM

Join Miriam Sandler for this class that is suitable for people of all ages, abilities and disabilities. 


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Wed, July 28 2021 19 Av 5781