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High HOlidays 2022




We have spent the past 2 and a half years striving to create and maintain our synagogue where we are both safe and connected. First it was all the unknowns, then all the “best practices”, then vaccines and greater knowledge of how the disease behaves.  Appropriately, we have stressed physical health and emotional care in a firmly Jewish setting.  We have sheltered our synagogue with the strictest and most up to date regulations among the Jewish organizations in the Valley.  

Today, our goals haven’t changed but we know this: there are many paths to immunity while living in today’s conditions.  We recognize the diversity of needs and situations of our congregants. We need to maintain the essence of our congregation as a whole, therefore the Board has updated our Covid regulations so there are now options available intended to permit everyone to come to shul.  They are the following: 

Vaccines, while highly recommended, are no longer required to attend services and events.            

Masks will continue to be required for all services; N95 or KN95 masks are required for unvaccinated individuals and are available at the door.

Unvaccinated members may not participate in the Kiddush 

 Physical distancing is recommended. 

              A section of the Sanctuary will be set aside for those who require and/or prefer the more stringent care of vaccines and masking.  This seating is toward the front of the shul and will be available by reservation only at this link:

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784