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Here are more Gifts for other holidays throughout the Year!

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Baby Dreidel Socks
How cute are these to cover the sweetest “piggies” with Chanukah fun and warmth! Ages 12-24 months, $3.50 a pair plus tax $.21 = $3.71 total

Men’s Dreidel Crew Socks
Get ready to show your Chanukah spirit and fashion style with a pair of #dreidel squad footwear. Fits shoe size 8-12, $6.00 a pair plus $.36 tax = $6.36 total.

Women’s Dreidel Design Crew Socks
What a great fashion surprise to celebrate Chanukah in comfort with or without shoes. Your feet will love you for it! Fits shoe size 4-10 1/2, $6.00 a pair plus $.36 tax = $6.36 total.

Chanukah Tea Towels
No need to write another list for the holiday….it’s all done for you on these terrific towels to help make Chanukah celebrations and cleanup fun! $5.50 each plus $.33 tax = $5.83 total.

Chanukah Bake Set
Kids of all ages will just love this Chanukah baking set with a wooden rolling pin, holiday spatula, cookies cutters, two recipes, gift tags and gift bags…all in an adorable metal collectible tin…..let the sweet smells begin! $10.00 plus $.60 tax = $10.60 total.

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Youth Chanukah Socks
Be cool at school or shul with our navy, teal, purple and white Happy Chanukah footwear. For shoe sizes 1-5, $5.50 a pair plus $.33 tax = $5.83 total..

Kids Chanukah Socks
Keep those toes cozy with our colorful dancing dreidel and menorah socks. They fit shoe sizes 11-1.  $5.50 a pair plus $.33 tax = $5.83 total.



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