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Welcome to Congregation Brith Sholom's Gift Shop!

In order to purchase items from the gift shop, please contact Micki Auerbach Wechsler at 610.533.1162 or email her at

Special orders require a 50% deposit.

Payment must include 6% sales tax and is by check or cash. We are not accepting online payments yet -- that will come later.

No-contact pick-up is available at the synagogue.


Matzah Ties & Kippot

Matzah Bow Tie - dapper and delightful $13.50 plus $.81=$14.31

Matzah Straight Tie elegant and functional (hide those matzah crumbs that fall off the plate) $13.50 plus $.81-$14.31

Matzah Kippot- stylish starting at the top $6.75 plus $.41=$7.16


Matzah Babies and Kids Group

Matzah Baby Vest Bib/Matzah Baby Dress Bib -  seriously adorable for the youngest participants…..even before saying the four questions!!!! $10.50 each plus $.63=$11.13

Matzah Child’s Apronshare the joy with your younger cooks and bakers $12.00 plus $.72=$12.72

Baby Dreidel Socks
How cute are these to cover the sweetest “piggies” with Chanukah fun and warmth! Ages 12-24 months, $3.50 a pair plus tax $.21 = $3.71 total

Men’s Dreidel Crew Socks
Get ready to show your Chanukah spirit and fashion style with a pair of #dreidel squad footwear. Fits shoe size 8-12, $6.00 a pair plus $.36 tax = $6.36 total.

Women’s Dreidel Design Crew Socks
What a great fashion surprise to celebrate Chanukah in comfort with or without shoes. Your feet will love you for it! Fits shoe size 4-10 1/2, $6.00 a pair plus $.36 tax = $6.36 total.

Chanukah Tea Towels
No need to write another list for the holiday….it’s all done for you on these terrific towels to help make Chanukah celebrations and cleanup fun! $5.50 each plus $.33 tax = $5.83 total.

Chanukah Bake Set
Kids of all ages will just love this Chanukah baking set with a wooden rolling pin, holiday spatula, cookies cutters, two recipes, gift tags and gift bags…all in an adorable metal collectible tin…..let the sweet smells begin! $10.00 plus $.60 tax = $10.60 total.

Holiday and Special Occasion Cards

Acknowledge Hanukkah, birthdays, simchas and the Jewish New Year with this exceptional collection of Judaica cards designed and printed through a small business in California. $2.25 each plus $.14 tax = $2.39 total.



My First Passover Bib
Why not get a head start on another significant holiday when “styling” a sweet little one! $10.50 plus $.63 tax = $11.13 total.

Youth Chanukah Socks
Be cool at school or shul with our navy, teal, purple and white Happy Chanukah footwear. For shoe sizes 1-5, $5.50 a pair plus $.33 tax = $5.83 total..

Kids Chanukah Socks
Keep those toes cozy with our colorful dancing dreidel and menorah socks. They fit shoe sizes 11-1.  $5.50 a pair plus $.33 tax = $5.83 total.

Matzah Culinary Group

Matzah Oven Mitt- comfortable and safe for your baked, roasted, boiled or braised meals $5.25 plus $.32 =$5.57

Matzah Potholder- safely carry those dishes from stove top to table top $3.75 plus $.23=$3.98

Matzah Kitchen Towel- cleaning up should be festive as well $5.25 plus $.32= $5.57

Adult "Matzah Brei" Apron- has the recipe printed on the front for easy reference as you put together this Passover breakfast favorite $13.50 plus $.81=$14.31

Adult Matzah Design Apron - guaranteed to help make the best Matzah Ball soup when wearing it!!!! $13.50 plus $.81= $14.31

Ess & Fress CBS Sisterhood Cookbook - a delicious collection of best loved recipes $20.00 plus $1.20=$21.20


Child’s Kiddish Cup
What a lovely gift to present as the start of a lifelong Judaica collection. This cup is silver plated and carefully made by artist Jill Fagin as a part of her New York based company, Jillery. The base is embellished with multicolored glass beads and adds a unique design feature to the overall style of the Kiddish Cup. $36.00 plus $2.16 tax = $38.16 total.

Yoga Baseball Cap

Look good while you feel good! $12.00 plus $.72 = $12.72 total.

Havdallah Candles
Wide rounded chevron braided beeswax candles with a flat bottom to end Shabbat in a special way. $17.50 plus $1.05 tax = $18.55 total.

Ceramic Kid’s Zedakah box
$15.00 plus $.90 tax = $15.90 total.

Wooden Kid’s Zedakah boxes
Rounded with painted scenes of Israel or house shaped with painted Judaica symbols.  $15.00 each plus $.90 tax = $15.90 total.

Wine Bottle Dancer Decoration
Crafted by the metal artisans of Yad LaKashish in Israel. This will add a bit of whimsy as you enjoy your favorite Shabbat and holiday wines. $10.00 plus $.60 tax = $10.60 total.

Jillery Condiment Dish and Spoon
Serve honey at Rosh Hashanah, applesauce at Chanukah, charoset at Passover and lot’s more with this lovely handmade set. The glass dish and silver spoon are accented with multi colored glass beads to make your table look as special as your celebration. $36.00 plus $2.16 tax = $38.16 total.

Silk Handpainted Tallis
A remarkable prayer shawl with flowing blues, greens and purples, highlighted by a hand painted Attarah to wear with love, comfort and respect. $140.00 plus $8.40 tax = $148.40 total.

Pewter Tallis Clips
The Hamsa and Tree of Life Clip sets are a lovely way to hold your Tallis in place as you worship during services and other occasions. Both designs represent unique symbolism in Judaism and will hold personal meaning throughout the years. They are made by an artisan in Massachusetts who designs unusual pieces for all ages and uses. $28.00 each plus $1.68 tax = $29.68 total.



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