March 13, 2018


Please note: Submitting online to Brith Sholom will require you fill out two forms:

1. One for Brith Sholom’s records (“Submit Information”) and

2. One for PayPal. (Once you have submitted, a page will come up with a “Donate” button on the bottom. Hit “Donate.”)

So, in other words…..


1. When you hit “submit information” at the bottom of this form:

You will receive an acknowledgement with a PayPal “donate” button.

2. Hit “Donate” on that form to proceed to PayPal.

When the PayPal form is complete, hit “Donate Now” at the bottom of the PayPal form to complete the transaction.

* Minimum $1 Donation

* You can make just a donation, just a contribution — or do both and they will be added together.

* Note that a surcharge is paid to Pay Pal and will be automatically entered in at the bottom of this form.


WARNING: Once you SUBMIT INFORMATION, your information goes into the database.

Once you DONATE, the information goes to PAYPAL. There is no going back.

Make sure your information is correct before you submit.



Your information:


Must be a valid email address

Donation Levels:

Platinum ($100 minimum)

Golden ($50 minimum)

Double Chai ($36 minimum)

Silver ($25 minimum)

Chai ($18 minimum)

Temple ($10 minimum)


My donation of $



In Memory of

In Honor of



(Optional) Send acknowledgement to


My payment of $

is for