December 14, 2015

Simchas and Tzedakah


A simcha is a celebration or joyous event made all the more special when we celebrate as a community. In addition to lifecycle events, such as a baby naming, bar or bat Mitzvah or wedding, we celebrate many milestones and happy occasions throughout the year. On any given Shabbat, our congregants may be commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, professional and personal achievements, or the safe return from a journey by giving thanks and sharing the occasion with the congregation. Then, there is singing, sometimes a bit of dancing on the bimah, throwing of candy and, always, a delicious kiddush afterwards.


Tzedakah, the Hebrew word for “righteousness,” is most often associated in English with “charity.” One of the basic tenets of Judaism is the act of giving tzedekah on a regular basis and in commemoration of lifecycle events and special occasions. tzedekah is a meaningful way to mark an occasion of joy or to pay tribute to the memory of a departed loved one.

Brith Sholom offers many opportunities for giving tzedakah through a contribution to one of our many regular or special synagogue funds. If you make a donation honoring or commemorating someone, the synagogue sends a card acknowledging the donation to the person being honored, or to the family of a person being memorialized. Each donation will also be acknowledged in the monthly bulletin.

Ongoing synagogue funds include the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund and the Haftarah Scroll Fund, which offers the opportunity to dedicate one or more haftarot for special occasions.

Some people donate directly to The Endowment Fund, which acts as a traditional endowment, providing financial resources for the future. Here you may donate to the endowment itself or to one of a variety of dedication opportunities, such as the Kiddush Fund, Adult Education, Programming, Religious School Cemetery Restoration Fund, and programs that benefit our teens and college students. All levels of tzedakah are gratefully received (and are tax-deductible).