December 14, 2015

Shabbat and Services

Sounds of the Service


Weekly Shabbat services begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. While they are led by Rabbi Michael Singer and Cantor Sam Guncler, we welcome and encourage congregational participation in the service. Congregants participate in the readings and songs. Some chant portions of the weekly Torah parsha. Many chant Haftarah, sometimes reprising their own bar or bat mitzvah portion many years after the fact. It is our desire that all of our members and guests feel comfortable in our synagogue.

The kiddush at the conclusion of each Shabbat service is a full lunch. This communal meal is a friendly, relaxed time for  refreshment and for social interaction; a chance to “shmooze” with friends and discuss the news of the day, meet new congregants and catch up on the goings on of the community — to really get into the experience of Shabbat at a time apart from the pressures of the week. The rabbi and various congregants chant the birkat haMazon (grace after meals). If you went to a Jewish sleep-away camp you probably know it. If not, it’s easy to learn.  Then, those who choose to stay can join the rabbi around the table for an on-going Talmud class. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t previously participated. Everyone is welcome to jump in and learn as you go.

Friday Night Services

prayerbookBrith Sholom holds Friday night Shabbat services whenever there is a congregational Shabbat dinner, a bar or bat mitzvah or, during the summer when the warm evenings are ideal for Shabbat outdoors in the courtyard, Starry Services. Please contact the office for date and times of these services.


From the morning minyan to Shabbat and holiday services, Congregation Brith Sholom offers its members many opportunities for congregational worship throughout the year. Congregational groups may lead Shabbat services, and guest speakers are invited to speak to the congregation.

Junior Congregation services for children ages 3 to 13 are held on designated Shabbat mornings and on the High Holidays. Junior Congregation Shabbat services begin at 10:30 a.m. in the chapel. The highlight of these supervised services is for our youth to have the opportunity to conduct and participate in a worship service at their own level. Babysitting for younger children is offered during the High Holiday services.