Puerto Rican Synagogue Needs Help…

Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interest in helping our Jewish Community in Puerto Rico.
        The JCC/Shaare Zedek Synagogue is facing some financial challenges ahead due to an already deteriorated economy in the island characterized by a significant decrease in donations both in quantity and quality, and also due to the fact that our High Holiday appeal for this year was seriously affected by the hurricane.
        We need to find new sources of funding for programs like the Hebrew School, Youth Activities, Adult Education and for our regular operation like religious services, Kiddush,  utilities and all type of basic expenses.  Any help we received towards any of these items, which basically make up our operational budget will be greatly appreciated and will definitely help keep Jewish life in Puerto Rico vibrant.
After giving this some thought, I would like to suggest that those who are able, consider contributing Chai ($18) or a multiple of that to support the Jewish life in Puerto Rico. Every little bit can make a difference in keeping Jewish life alive and well in Puerto Rico, and it is our chance to support others who are in need right now.”
 Contributing is easy, and here is how you can make a difference:
 Go to the website http://www.jccpr.org/
1.       Click the yellow button on the top right of the web page that says donate.
2.       Enter $18 (or any amount you choose to donate)
3.       In comments to sell, please indicate that you are donating as a congregant from your synagogue so the Puerto Rican community will know where the support came from.
4.       Choose a Credit Card to use or you can also use PayPal
5.       Click Donate now.
The Chai campaign is a great opportunity for others to enact the value of “Kol Yisrael Aravim Zeh ba’Zeh (All of Israel is Responsible for One Another)”.
Rabbi Diego Mendelbaum